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The Global Administrative Law Project

The Global Administrative Law Project provides further information on possibilities that are available to hold international organisations accountable.


Public Interest Legal Services in South Africa: Project Report

This is a study by and for the public interest legal services sector. It was implemented by the Socio-Economic Rights Institute of South Africa (SERI), which is one of the nation’s leading public interest law NGOs, with a significant track record of human rights research and collaborative work with a wide array of actors within […]


Public interest litigation: boon or bane?

Objective of this study: To study the origin of the concept of Public Interest Litigation. To study the evolution and development of Public Interest Litigation in India To discuss the instances of successful adjudication of rights of people through the advent of Public Interest Litigations in India To study the cases of misuse of Public […]


Public interest litigation: insights from theory and practice

In the American struggle for social justice, public interest litigation has played an indisputably important role. Yet over the past three decades, critics from both the left and right have challenged its capacity to secure systemic change. This analysis of PIL theory and practice as practiced in the United States looks at the challenges facing […]