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"Going to court: questions and answers"

This section provides practical advice and guidance on bringing a legal action generally, independent of any specific legal field. In questions and answers format, it is intended to help community activists and leaders assess the potential of public interest litigation to help redress local problems.


Action4Justice is highly selective in choosing news stories that illustrate key developments in public interest litigation worldwide.

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Resource bank: practical tools for public interest litigation

Resources are tools which provide practical help planning and managing a public interest litigation action. The tools selected are not created by Action4Justice; we do not believe in reinventing the wheel! There are already many excellent resources available, produced by a wide range of experienced actors and mostly accessible online.

Action4Justice has selected only key resources of known quality for inclusion in our “resource bank”. The resources covered are divided into the following data types:

Guides to bringing a court case

Legal research

Resource can further be filtered by

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Web pages treating specific topics also highlight related resources.