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A4J Template on Procedural Climate-Based Infrastructure Challenges

Geographic relevance: Global

Language: Inglés

Data type: How-to guides (manuals, toolkits)
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Author(s): Action4Justice

About this resource:

The Template provides a skeleton for people to follow if they want to bring challenges against big carbon-emitting projects. The Templates have been designed by legal professionals with expertise in climate litigation.

The Templates aim to encourage effective use of the law to bring climate related litigation in appropriate cases by providing:

  • An appropriate format for drafting a document in which to make a claim (“the legal complaint” – paragraphs, font, page numbers, title, headings etc);
  • An effective structure in which users can place their legal and factual arguments regarding climate change;
  • An outline of the arguments that could be used when bringing climate litigation; and
  • References to climate science and cases to help the user build a strong case.

While your complaint needs to be different depending on what country you are taking a legal case, the Template provides useful tips and guidance to get you started if you are thinking about using legal action for climate justice.

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