How do I Manage my Group?

A legal case may be brought by one person or one organisation, or by a group of people and/or organisations. This can be called as «class action«.

There are significant benefits of bringing a legal case as a group. The benefits include:

  • Greater access to support generally. Not only can members of the group support each other, a larger group of litigants will be more likely to secure support from outside the group (see How Can I Get Support?).
  • Greater security due to safety in numbers and the different forms of support that you can get in a group (see How do I Deal with Security?).
  • Greater resources with which you can finance your case. Groups can bring their resources together and share costs (see How Can I Finance my Action?).

But there are also difficulties that can arise when bringing a legal case as a group. If you are thinking of bringing a group action, there are a number of things that you need to think about carefully.





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