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Independent Policing Oversight Authority (Kenya)

Geographic relevance: Kenya

Language: Inglés

Data type: Useful organisations

About this resource:

In Kenya, the Independent Policing Oversight Authority (“IPOA“) is the independent body which investigates complaints against the police.

How to complain:

  • By phoning the complaints management team
  • By emailing the complaints team
  • By writing a letter to the IPOA
  • Or visiting a police station itself.

What to include in your complaint:

  • Your name and contact details.
  • Details of the incident you want to complain of, including when it happened, what happened, and who was involved.
  • If possible, try also to include: the name or other identifying details of the officer you want to complain about and any other person (such as witnesses) and any other relevant evidence such as photographs or doctors’ reports.

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