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A People’s Guide on Holding Your Government Accountable for Climate Change

Geographic relevance: Global

Language: Inglés

Data type: How-to guides (manuals, toolkits)

Author(s): Greenpeace

About this resource:

Greenpeace International, a partner of A4J, has created an excellent guide on how to bring a human rights-based climate change case against the government. It goes into detail on:

  • Climate science you could use as evidence;
  • How to identify enforceable human rights;
  • Issues of admissibility (i.e. standing and justiciability);
  • How you can prove a violation of your human rights; and
  • How to develop a rights-based campaign strategy to complement your case.

If you want to find out more about bringing a human rights-based mitigation claim after reading this section, we recommend reading the Greenpeace Guide.

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