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Centre for Minority Rights Development (Kenya) and Minority Rights Group International on behalf of Endorois Welfare Council v Kenya (2003)

Geographic relevance: Africa

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Publication details: legal case2003

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The complainants, two NGOs, raised the case against Kenya on behalf of the Enderois people following the forceful removal of the Enderois people from their ancestral lands surrounding lake Bogoria, Baringo, and Koiatek without consultation or compensation. The reason for this removal was to expand the Lake Hannington Game Reserve to increase revenue from tourism.

The court deemed that the state had been in violation of articles 8 (religion) , 14 (property), 17 (culture), 21 (natural resources), and 22 (self determination) of the African Charter. As a result of the case, the Commission recommended that the state of Kenya recognise the land rights of Endorois, allow full access, and pay compensation for the loss suffered.

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