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Judicial Review of Emissions Target England sought in 2017

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These are the grounds on which a number of claimants seek to challenge the UK government’s refusal to alter the 2050 emissions targets under the 2008 Climate Change Act. The claimants rely upon changes since 2008 in climate change science and international climate change policy in order to argue that the government’s refusal to set more stringent targets in line with the Paris agreement was unlawful or irrational. This is the document in support of the claim. Much of  the detail is only of relevance to the specific context of the 2008 Act.  However there is much material which will be of general use to others wishing to challenge an alleged lack of action or inadequate action by governments in response to climate change. In particular, and by reference to paragraph numbers in the grounds, see allegations made on [21-41] a summary of the International legal framework in a UK context [82-101] a summary of developments in science and International Law/policy after 2008, [133-143] the latest scientific evidence and actual/potential harm in the UK, and [205-239] actual/potential Human Rights implications of climate change especially under the European Convention on Human Rights. This includes on rights to life and property, and family life. [234—239] arguments on public sector equality in that climate change has a disproportionate effect on the young and the old.


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