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Mexico’s General Law of Administrative Responsibility

Geographic relevance: Mexico

Language: Inglés

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Mexico’s General Law of Administrative Responsibility establishes a legal framework for public servants to follow. This applies to all public officials in the country.

It contains administrative penalties for those public officials who commit “non-serious” (no graves) and “serious” (graves) administrative violations.

  • Non-serious violations are those related to the day-to-day activities of public servants and they are generally investigated by internal control bodies (órganos internos de control) within the public entity. These kind of offences include actions and omissions such as refusing to sign a document or not submitting a declaration of assets;
  • Serious violations are the ones that are related to acts such as bribery, influence peddling, and fraud. The enforcement body responsible for imposing administrative liability on public servants and private entities in such cases is the Federal Court of Administrative Justice (Tribunal Federal de Justicia Administrativa).

The expected administrative sanctions to both types of violations consist in preclusion from participating in future public offices, economic sanctions, bans for misconduct and dismissal of the public official.

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