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Public interest litigation: boon or bane?

Geographic relevance: India

Language: Inglés

Data type: Legal references

Author(s): Raagya Zadu

Publication details: (Open source online platform for sharing academic papers)

About this resource:

Objective of this study:

  • To study the origin of the concept of Public Interest Litigation.
  • To study the evolution and development of Public Interest Litigation in India
  • To discuss the instances of successful adjudication of rights of people through the advent of Public Interest Litigations in India
  • To study the cases of misuse of Public Interest Litigation in India
  • To suggest measures of keeping a check on the misuse of Public Interest Litigation

Extensive study on the pros and cons of PIL (mainly focused on India). Published by author in «»: online open source platform for sharing academic research. Date not noted by author, but circa 2011.

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