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Public interest litigation: insights from theory and practice

Geographic relevance: United States

Language: Inglés

Data type: Legal references

Author(s): Scott L. Cummings and Deborah L. Rhode

Publication details: Fordham Urban Law Journal. Volume 36, Issue 4, Article 1  2008

About this resource:

In the American struggle for social justice, public interest litigation has played an indisputably important role. Yet over the past three decades, critics from both the left and right have challenged its capacity to secure systemic change. This analysis of PIL theory and practice as practiced in the United States looks at the challenges facing practitioners in the light of experience already gained. According to the authors, the challenge now is to integrate lessons from practice with insights from allied disciplines. Taken together, they indicate the need to coordinate litigation with broader mobilising efforts, to think strategically about effectiveness, and to create adequate systems of evaluation and accountability.

Covers topics such as the public interest, litigation practice, politics and legal action, pro bono services, legal clinics.

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