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Public Protector’s Report on Nkandla, South Africa

Geographic relevance: South Africa

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About this resource:

“Secure in Comfort” was the name of South Africa’s Public Protector’s office report on President Jacob Zuma’s improvements on his private residence with taxpayers’ money. This report was a direct result of seven complaints received at the Public Protector’s office in 2011 and 2012.

What happened:

  • The improvements to President Zuma’s private home were planned for security reasons with an initial R 65 million (around £3 million) but by the time  the report was published, R 215 million had already been spent (around £10 million).
  • The first complaints were submitted after the Mail and Guardian newspaper published a story related to the improvements of President Zuma’s private residence at an enormous expense for the State.
  • After the report, South Africa’s highest court ruled that President Zuma had to repay the government funds used to improve his private home to the State.

This case highlights the importance of having a truly independent body in charge of investigating corruption allegations by the general public.

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