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Security in a Box

Geographic relevance: Global

Language: Inglés

Data type: How-to guides (manuals, toolkits)

Author(s): Front Line Defenders and Tactical Technology Collective

Publication details: Online resource. Updated continually.

About this resource:

Security in-a-Box is a website which provides activists with advice and tips on security of  information – principally digital information. The website covers such topics as:

  • Protect your device from malware and hackers
  • Protect your information from physical threats
  • Create and maintain secure passwords
  • Protect the sensitive files on your computer
  • Recover from information loss
  • Destroy sensitive information
  • Keep your online communication private
  • Remain anonymous and bypass censorship on the Internet
  • Protect yourself and your data when using social networking sites
  • Use mobile phones as securely as possible
  • Use smartphones as securely as possible

The site mainly targets human rights activists in the developing world, but is global in coverage. Versions of the site are available in a number of different languages.

Security in-a-Box is jointly developed by Front Line Defenders and Tactical Technology Collective, along with a global network of thousands of activists, trainers and digital security experts. The website is produced with the support of the European Union.

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