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June 2022 onward ongoing call for social media volunteers. 

We are looking for one social media volunteer to assist us in running the A4J social media pages (Facebook and Instagram). Knowledge and experience of managing social media is a plus.  We are looking for volunteers that can help approximately 4 hours a week, remotely and flexibly.

June 2022 ongoing call for Tech Support volunteers

We are looking for Tech Support volunteers to assist us in running the A4J WordPress run website. On our website, users can find guides, videos and images which explain how to take legal action for social and environmental justice, making the website an essential element of our work.

We are looking for volunteers that can help approximately 4 hours a week, remotely and flexibly.

Requirements: We are looking for Computer Science graduates/students with knowledge in:
-Maintenance and updates of WordPress
-System administration (cPanel)

Main tasks will involve:
-Supporting a current Tech volunteer in system administration, and
– Helping non-technical staff with facilitating the uploading of content, translation of content and image and video uploads.

If you are interested, please get in touch emailing us your CV at

Ongoing call for Volunteers

Although currently we are only looking for a social media volunteer and an IT support volunteer, Action4Justice is run almost entirely by volunteers. We need help from people with various skills to keep going and to do as much as possible to uphold rights and empower communities who most need it across the world. This includes help from lawyers, web experts, communicators and administrators.

Volunteering could involve:

  • Helping to research and draft materials for the platform
  • Helping to maintain and innovate the technical aspects of the platform
  • Helping to distribute the materials on the ground in your community

If you are interested in research, please let us know which legal areas you would be interested in. We are looking for you to have a master’s degree in Law, International Development or a similar field, or 2 years’ experience on a law related field.       

If you have other skills which you would like to assist us with, please let us know which skills you could assist with when contacting us.

Get in contact by:

  1. Emailing us at
  2. Letting us know which area you would be interested and why, in case you are interested in research
  3. Which skills you could assist with and why, if you are interested in volunteering opportunities not related to research. 
  4. Attach your CV

Join us and help improve access to justice globally.