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Earth Rights International

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United States

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Author(s): EarthRights International

About this resource:

EarthRights International works at defending people’s human rights and the environment and has been protecting people and the planet for over 20 years.

Establishing these as ‘Earth Rights’, EarthRights International works against earth rights abusers. Finding real solutions for real people.

EarthRights combines runs in depth training programmes for community leaders and activists and brings together grassroots groups with legal expertise to conduct local and international campaigns and litigation. EarthRights was one of the first groups to bring litigation in the US courts for acts committed overseas under the US Alien Torts Claims Act.

EarthRights International has a brilliant track record against some of the world’s largest multinationals, winning cases against them by representing the voice of the communities affected. Providing support for those affected and enabling some of the most remote communities to access justice.

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