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Global Fund for Women

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Language: Arabic

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Author(s): Global Fund for Women

About this resource:

Global Fund for Women acts as a voice for women fighting inequality, raising awareness of stories of women around the world through campaigns, the news, and social media. Their key campaigns are around supporting women to be STRONG (and have access to sexual and reproductive health rights), SAFE (free from violence), POWERFUL and HEARD (by providing political and economic empowerment).

Global Fund for Women provide grants globally to projects working on these issues; the website contains a search tool to understand their current grants and guidance on how to apply for a grant.

Global fund for women are promoting “Women rights are human rights”, emphasising to women that they also have rights under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. These include the rights to live free from violence, slavery, and discrimination, to be educated, to own property, to vote, and to earn a fair and equal wage. Alongside this, they also stand for other rights for women’s equality, such as a woman being allowed to choose if and when she has children, and being able to receive high quality health care.


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