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Stop Violence Against Women (STOPVAW)

Geographic relevance: Global

Language: English

Data type: How-to guides (manuals, toolkits)
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Author(s): The Advocates for Human Rights

About this resource:

STOPVAW provides the latest updates and highlights on violence against women around the world. On the website you will be able to learn about recent laws, United Nations resolutions, and global efforts to end violence against women.

Useful sections found on the homepage:

  • Country Pages: provides detailed information on violence against women in specific countries
  • International Law: contains United Nations documents regarding the protection of women’s rights, including UN Treaties on Violence Against Women and Basic Human Rights Documents.
  • Domestic Violence/Trafficking in Women/Sexual Harassment/Sexual Assault/Gender Violence Worldwide: provides general information, and law and policy on these topics.

The website also contains good guidance on developing training programmes for women on human rights including on how to organise a training, training methods to use and facilitation tips. Model training plans on gender based violence are provided (including exercises to use).

Also contains very good practical guidance on establishing and managing an NGO and finding funding for your NGO.

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