Where Can I Get More Information and Support?

This guide has given you an introduction into business and human rights. You should now know:

  • What your rights are;
  • What human rights responsibilities businesses have; and
  • What options you can use to hold businesses accountable

If after reading this guide you are thinking about taking legal action, the organisations and resources outlined below could help you.

Having information and support is key if you want to hold businesses accountable for human rights abuses.


What Organisations Could Help Me?

(a) Key International NGOs and Law Firms

  • The BHRRC is an organisation dedicated to business and human rights.
  • They have a lot of key information and databases on their online Business and Human Rights Knowledge Hub. This is a vital resource if you want to take legal action against a business.
  • They have a group of researchers and advocates across the world who can raise issues with businesses and amplify your voice.


  • CORE is a UK-based organisation dedicated to business and human rights.
  • They provide support to individuals and communities outside the UK who are trying to hold businesses accountable for human rights abuse.


  • EarthRights International is an environmental organisation that specialises in using legal action to hold businesses accountable for human rights and environmental abuse.
  • They take legal action against businesses.
  • They provide training and advice.
  • They campaign for corporate accountability.


  • Leigh Day is a UK-based law firm that specialises in help communities outside the UK take legal action against abusive businesses.


  • OECD Watch is a network of organisations that gives information and advice about the OECD Guidelines and how to use OECD National Contact Points to hold businesses accountable.


  • PODER is a regional organisation in Latin America that seeks to improve corporate transparency and accountability.
  • PODER have a networking platform to connect different people and organisations.
  • They provide information on how to effectively hold businesses accountable in Latin America.
  • They have capacity building teams that can assist people trying to hold businesses to account.


  • SOMO is an independent knowledge centre on TNCs.
  • They have resources on different industries TNCs work in and strategies that can be used to hold them to account.
  • SOMO also provide services and advice for organisations engaging with TNCs.

(b) Local Organisations and Law Firms

The most important source of support you can often get is from lawyers and organisations who work in your country or local community.

Check to see if any of the following groups could help you:

  • Local or national trade unions
  • Local civil society organisations
  • Community groups
  • Pro-bono lawyers in your country who offer free legal advice
  • Law centres in your community or a nearby city

The international organisations listed above may be able to help you find support locally.


Where Can I Find More Information?

The following key resources where identified in the guide. Read these if you are thinking about legal action and these are relevant to your case.

Human Rights Translated 2.0: A Business Reference Guide

  • This provides information about your rights and what they mean in practice

BHRRC Checklist on Documenting Corporate Human Rights Impacts

  • Use this to help you gather evidence about human rights abuse by a business.

BHRRC Directory on Business and Human Rights Lawyers

  • Use this to help you find support for your case.

International Finance Corporations’ Guide to Human Rights Impact Assessments

  • Use this to assess whether a business has made a proper human rights due diligence assessment.

EarthRights International Guide on Foreign Legal Assistance

  • Use this if you’re taking a case and want to access information about US-based businesses.

BHRRC Database on Company Codes of Conduct

  • Use this if you want to find out if a business has a ethical code of conduct that you could use to your advantage.

SOMO Checklist on OECD NCP Complaints

  • Use this if you want to make a complaint to an OECD National Contact Point

OECD Watch Guide on Making OECD NCP Complaints

  • Use this if you want to make a complaint to an OECD National Contact Point

OECD Watch Template for NCP Complaints

  • Use this if you want to make a complaint to an OECD National Contact Point

Do You Work in the Area of Business and Human Rights?

If you are an organisation or a law firm who works in the field of corporate accountability and would like your name/resources to be used on the A4J Business and Human Rights Guide, contact us.

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