How Can I Enforce My Rights?

So far, we have shown that:

  • Businesses can impact your human rights; and
  • There are laws and standards that you may be able to rely on to enforce your rights against the state or a business when a business negatively impacts your human rights.

This guide will now talk about what options you have to enforce your rights when a business impacts your rights.


What Option Is Best for Me?

The questions below are here to help you see your options for enforcing your rights.

How to Use the Business & Human Rights Checklist

(1) Read each question on the left of the table.

(2) Think about which of the answers in the middle column of the table are right for your case.

(2) Highlight each of possible mechanisms on the right of the table that relate to answer you have chosen.

(3) Once you have reached the end of the series of questions, see if there are any mechanisms that have been highlighted for all 3 questions. These are the mechanisms that are likely most useful for you to consider using.

(4) Read the sections of this Guide that relate to those mechanisms.


Action4Justice - Business Human Rights Checklist



How Can I Pay for My Claim?

All claims cost money. Bringing a legal claim can be an expensive and time-consuming process. This can be especially difficult when bringing claims against businesses that have much more money than you.

BUT, there are ways to help finance your claim, including legal aid, pooling together resources in a group claim or getting support from an organisation.

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